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Inti Raymi 2024

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Inti Raymi 2024 Full day

There were several reasons that led to the Inca civilization to make the sacrifices and offerings to the Sun. One was that the Inca, as equal the Cusco nobility, were considered to the natural children of the Sun and should correspond with sacrifices and offerings. On the other hand, if the farm of corn was good, the ancient people had to thank it and if it was bad, had to beg for the coming year to compensate them with a good production.

In June (winter solstice), the sun was going away, the cold increased in the early mornings were frosty water, therefore, had to ask the sun to come back, that twilight sunlight in the morning doesn't continue moving to the north. Finally, we had to show him the god Inti, eternity and total surrender of their children, with submission and respect.

More than six centuries, the Inca Pachakuteq instituted the God festival to the sun.  The cusquenian people currently still account for the Inti Raymi with the same fervor with which their ancestors performed in the splendid times of the empire.

The actually version of Inti Raymi was realized since June 24 of 1944, when the festivities of the city were instituted in memory of their ancient legacy and cradle of the Great Inca Civilization.



  • Pick up from the hotel and transfer to Qoricancha on foot (place of the first staging)
  • Transfer to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco on foot (place of the second staging)
  • Transfer to Sacsayhuaman by bus (place of the main staging)
  • Entrance ticket with seat numbered only for Sacsayhuaman
  • Professional guide (English or Spanish)
  • Box lunch in Sacsayhuaman
  • Return to the hotel by bus from Sacsayhuaman
  • Taxes of law
  • Commissions for payment by credit cards or PAYPAL
  • Assistance from the Hierba Buena Agency




  • Portable Toilets.
  • Tourist information.
  • First aid and safety (police and private).
  • The seats are fiberglass.

Staging Sites

On June 24 is performed this event in the Inka presence, and also with the High Priest or Willaq Uma of Tarpuntay, Kallparikuy and Wirapirikuq, like the nobles and representatives of the clans or panacas of our culture. That's the reason why Inti Raymi celebrated the impressive Sacsayhuaman, for that reason is used three amazing natural and historical settings.

We'll pick you up from hotel at 07:00 am to enjoy the Sun Festival. The staging places that are of this festival: Qorikancha: Cusco's main temple dedicated to the Sun, where it was said the garden was golden (here were held the first worship rituals to Apu Inti Pacha Mama. Where were buried large offerings and its evidence found in 1972 in the Garcilaso museum INC).

The Main square (Auqaypata square or Warrior square). At time of the Incas, this plaza was celebrated the entire ceremony into the Ushnu (ceremonial platform). Afters years of colonial massacres, this festival was changed of place to Saqsayhuaman (They are two words in quechua language "Saqsay" and " Huaman" that means in english "Falcon Satisfied") is located above 3555 meters in the Qollqanpata quadrant.

This place was a Royal House of the Sun dedicated to rays, according to Garcilaso de la Vega; and here officialy it celebrated Inti Raymi since 1944 with a stunning contemporary crowd.

Schedules of staging and duration

  • At 09:30 hrs. in Qorikancha: The ceremony will begin with the staging and will have 45 minutes of duration.
  • At 11:00 hrs. in Auqaypata (Main Square): The Inka and his Royal Court will enter to street Intikijllu and will have an hour of duration.
  • At 13:00 hrs. in the Sacred Plaza of Sacsayhuaman: It will have a duration of 90 minutes, which celebrates the rites of the New Fire, Coca, the offerings of the Four Suyos and the prediction of future times, among others.


Prices per person in USD  
Orange Zone 330.00
Blue Zone 310.00
Green Zone 290.00


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