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How much is the transfer from the airport in Cusco to Ollantaytambo?

The best transfer from Cusco to Ollantaytambo is $ 55.00, and travel time is 1 hra. 20 min.. We have comfortable vehicle units such as: Starex sprinter, vans and buses. The transport service for passengers with a capacity to 35 passengers ...
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What kind of documents need to travel to Lima, Peru?

Depending where you come from or where you are, could go to the Peruvian embassy and apply the requirements depending on the type of trip you make and if it is for tourism, then you need is your passport and in some cases the Visa. ...
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How many meters above the sea level is located Machu Picchu citadel?

The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu is located to 2.4328 meters. ...
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Which is the difference among the EXPEDITION traind and VISTADOME train?

The EXPEDITION train is the most economic touristic service, it not offer nothing additional during the trip. The VISTADOME train include breakfast, show and souvenirs during the trip. ...
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Where I can buy some handicrafts in Cusco?

Basically in all historic center of Cusco, in the market of San Blas neighborhood, into Handicraft Market of El Sol Avenue. Also during the tour of Sacred Valle of the Incas, into the handicraft fair of Pisaq, into the Chincheros town where is located diferente kind of beautiful caps “Chullos”, pockets, necklaces and earrings of silver & gold, the ...
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Is posible to do, vivencial tourism into the native community of National Park Of Manu?

In the National Park of Manu we offer alternatives of ecological tourism and at the same time vivencial with Matsiguenka families that are located into the Reserved Zone after 3 days of journey, one day in Bus and two days in boat, another native family are the Junior natives, this ecstasy have it a day of trip duration with ...
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Into the hotel prices, the taxes are included?

Yes, the peruvian taxes are included for national tourists and exempt for strangers. The taxes equivalent to 18% of total amount. ...
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What destinies are the most recommendable to visit in Arequipa?

The most recommendable sites to visit in Arequipa are: The Santa Catalina Monastery, City Tour amnd the Colca Cañon ...
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What I should to bring for Inca Trail?

Clothes Minimum two change of Winter clothes. Fort he day pants and shirts. For nights is necessary a hat or chullo, scarf, socks, gloves and heavy coat of quill or similar weight, as well as rainproof. Trekking boots, sneakers or tenis. It is essential to bring short pants and shirts of short sleeves for use during the day in case that is sunny. Implements Insect repellent ...
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For the old people you will carry oxygen in the excursions?

All our mobile services and during the treks feature with the equipment of first aid kit that included the oxygen bottle for the people that required it during their estancy in our city.  ...
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Is possible to do the Inca Trail in any date?

In the febreaury month of Inca Trail is locked for maintenance and for the constant rains. ...
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Which are the payment methods to do the advance?

You need to check the page where is located the payment methods, 'cause there are detail into it. ...
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In what part of Puno is recommendable to do vivencial tourism?

When it has done tourism in the more higher lake of teh world: Titicaca, we recommend you to rest in Amantani island, where it will be allowed interrelate it with the plateau culture, place that we hosts and feed it into the houses of residents, admiring their textiles and the ceremonial centers of Llacastiti and Coanos (Pachatata) and have ...
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In Choquequirao offers mules for personal transport, also in addition to the necessary equipment and supplies that include?

Yes, during the trip is offered mules that support the alimentation and the camp equipment, to the same time we offeredm extra mules for people who not wish to bring their personal equipments with a extra pay of USD 110.00. ...
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The alimentation that you offered are lunch buffet?

The attention that we offered for the lunch buffet is first quality in the best restaurants of Sacred Valley of the Incas, Aguas Calientes and the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. ...
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How many meters above the sea level we will reach in Inca Trail?

In the second day you will reach to the highest point of the trek: Warmiwañusca Highpass – 4200 msnm.  ...
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What months are recommendables to do Inca Trail?

The months recommendables for to do Inca Trail are among April to October, because during these months aren’t rain and you can have a wonderful view with the archaeological remains that are part of the route. ...
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The accommodations that you offered, counts with private bathroom?

Absolutely all accommodatins of any category that we offered have it a private bathroom with hot wáter as minimun.  ...
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Do you have another tour packages for other cities?

PERU LAND SCRL. Offers the best destinies of Peru, consult us to send the estimate Price & intinerary detail.  ...
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Is Possible to do Inca Trail in 2 days & 1 night?

Yes, is posible to do Inca Trail in 2 days, always and when there are available places because it must be booked at least 6 months in advance. ...
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Taxi prices in Lima, Cusco, Puno, Arequipa and its respective airports

Lima from S/. 20.00 until S/. 80.00 in a vehicle fro 4 persons. Cusco from, S/. 5.00 until S/.15.00 in a vehicle for 4 persons. Arequipa from S/. 5.00 until S/.25.00 in a vehicle for 4 persons. ...
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Are there ATM in Peru y how much is the agents commission?

Yes, there are ATM in the most important destinies of Peru, depending of your bank you will have limits to make the retirement and not included the agent’s comisión. ...
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Machu Picchu is near from Cusco?

No, Machu Picchu is located two hours approximately by car and other two hours by train. ...
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What is necessary to buy the entrance ticket for Machu Pichu?

Full name, Age, Passport number, DNI number, etc ...
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Advices for safety travels and visit by foot for the populated cities.

Although in general, Cusco is a quiet & safety city, but you must be in account: Always used authorize taxis. The difference that you can have a phone number It seems obvious but avoid dark streets and walking tours late at night. Do not carry all your money and all your credit or debit cards. Keep an eye on your personal belongings. When visiting ...
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The Huayna Picchu entrance is included into the Machu Picchu entrance?

No, To enter Huayna Picchu you must pay an additional USD 15.00 ...
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How much is the commission fee for paying with credit card in Peru?

The amount varies among 5 & 8 % and is charged to credit card of the customer. ...
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Why the Inca Trail is closed during the month of Febreaury of all years?

‘cause the rains and maintenance the route. ...
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What is necessary to buy Train tickets?

You should have all your data and it would be advisable a photocopy of the Passport. ...
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